[packman] kde3 kaffeine

Martin Herkt lachs0r at srsfckn.biz
Sun Feb 7 10:01:39 CET 2016

On Sunday 07 February 2016 09:17:02 Hartmut Krummrei wrote:
> @Martin,
> thank you for your help. I have tvheadend on my Raspi with Openelec. The
> procedure from end of installation until you get tvheadend workable with
> a list of tv-stations is really awfull. No thanks! I stay at kaffeine,
> even if its kaffeine-kde4 ...

Well, I can see how it’s really not as straightforward as with kaffeine, but I 
managed to set it up within a few minutes (plus scan) without reading the 
instructions, so it can’t be that hard. Its only real problem is the overly 
cluttered UI that gives absolutely no hints on where to click when nothing is 

At least the whole procedure didn’t seem half as insane as with mythtv (I sure 
hope that monstrosity dies in a fire) or mpv/mplayer (I don’t want to manually 
run badly documented scanning tools).

FWIW, kaffeine never worked for my DVB-S2 card. Couldn’t even get it to scan; 
it just sat there and did absolutely nothing.

I’m suggesting other software because old KDE applications are pretty much all 
dead due to lack of maintainers/motivated developers, so you’ll probably have 
to make that decision sooner or later anyway.
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