[packman] Packman w32codec-all for openSUSE_13.2

Manfred Tremmel Manfred.Tremmel at iiv.de
Wed Sep 30 21:22:58 CEST 2015

Hello Dirk,

Am Mittwoch, 30. September 2015, 19:06:43 schrieb Dirk Stöcker:
> the w32codec-all package for openSUSE_13.2 requires 
libstdc++.so.5 as
> library, but this does not exists for openSUSE_13.2 (there exists

It's a binary package without source, the dependency can't be changed, 

> version 6). Would it be possible to either fix the package or provide
> a proper stdc++ library.

The w32codec-all is a complete useles package, with 64 bit players it 
can't be used and 32 bit players don't use it default, because the 
ffmpeg encoders have higher priority.
For years I haven't seen a video that used a codec that doesn't work 
without w32codec-all.
I've disabled the package years ago on PMBS, I don't know who's 
reactivated it.

> Installing the package ATM only works un system updates, but not on 
> fresh install.

Don't install it, you will not miss it ;-)

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