[packman] GStreamer installation

Martin Schlander martin.schlander at gmail.com
Wed Nov 25 20:55:19 CET 2015


I maintain the codec 1-clicks on opensuse-community.org

Recently there's a problem where users with a fresh installation get an 
incompatible mix of GStreamer packages from Packman (mostly 1.6.x) and from 
openSUSE (mostly 1.4.x), which leads to audio and video being broken on their 

I can't seem to figure out a good way to ensure that users get a consistent, 
working set of GStreamer packages from Packman via a 1-click.

It would seem that some dependencies are missing, and that some/most/all of 
these packages should ideally require >=1.6.x of other GStreamer packages. Or 
alternatively some kind of meta package could be available.

Is 'zypper dup --from [Packman]' (or "switch system packages" in YaST) really 
the only way to ensure a consistent install, or am I missing something?

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