[packman] [PM] vlc 2.2.1-291.1 (openSUSE 42.1/x86_64)

Luigi Baldoni aloisio at gmx.com
Wed Nov 18 12:35:55 CET 2015

> Sent: Tuesday, November 17, 2015 at 6:19 PM
> From: "Guo Yunhe (郭云鹤)" <guoyunhebrave at gmail.com>
> To: packman at links2linux.de
> Subject: [packman] [PM] vlc 2.2.1-291.1 (openSUSE 42.1/x86_64)
> Hi, I have trouble with vlc and vlc-beta packages. I am using vlc-qt 
> front end.
> For vlc: video opened in another window. So there are two windows. The 
> main vlc window is blank. The video window doesn't have control.
> For vlc-beta: only part of window has video, other area is black. If I 
> zoom the window, still only that part has video.

Unfortunately it's a known problem. In regard to vlc-beta I have no idea how to
fix it and VLC developers are more concentrated on the mobile app at the present

Meanwhile you could try using another output than vdpau and see if that makes a


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