[packman] [PM] flash-player (openSUSE 13.2/x86_64)

Martin Schlander martin.schlander at gmail.com
Sun Nov 1 20:21:31 CET 2015

Lørdag den 31. oktober 2015 10:14:08 skrev Olaf Hering:
> On Sat, Oct 31, Bruno Friedmann wrote:
> > On Wednesday 28 October 2015 18.18:32 Erwin Lam wrote:
> > > If this package is for x86_64, then why does it try to pull in a load of
> > > 32bit packages?
> > 
> > Erwin flash-player is not coming from packman.
> Since a few days flash-player is in Extras because it was removed from
> OBS. See the long list of emails on the opensuse-factory mailing list
> earlier this week.

But there is some problem with the package. Trying to install it on Leap 
(which is of course a 64-bit installation) it also wants to pull in just about 
every 32-bit lib in existence:

klaptop:/home/cb400f # zypper install flash-player-
Indlæser softwarekildedata...
Læser installerede pakker...
Løser pakkeafhængigheder...

De følgende 79 NYE pakker vil blive installeret:
  alsa-oss-32bit fontconfig-32bit gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders-32bit gtk2-
tools-32bit libasound2-32bit libatk-1_0-0-32bit libcairo2-32bit 
  libcanberra-gtk0-32bit libcanberra-gtk2-module-32bit libdrm2-32bit 
libdrm_intel1-32bit libdrm_nouveau2-32bit libdrm_radeon1-32bit libelf1-32bit 
  libexpat1-32bit libFLAC8-32bit libfreebl3-32bit libfreetype6-32bit 
libgbm1-32bit libgdk_pixbuf-2_0-0-32bit libgraphite2-3-32bit 
  libharfbuzz0-32bit libICE6-32bit libjasper1-32bit libjson-c2-32bit 
libLLVM-32bit libltdl7-32bit libncurses5-32bit libogg0-32bit 
  libpciaccess0-32bit libpixman-1-0-32bit libpulse0-32bit libSM6-32bit 
libsndfile1-32bit libsoftokn3-32bit libspeex1-32bit libsqlite3-0-32bit 
  libvorbis0-32bit libvorbisenc2-32bit libvorbisfile3-32bit libwayland-
client0-32bit libwayland-server0-32bit libX11-6-32bit libX11-xcb1-32bit 
  libxcb1-32bit libxcb-dri2-0-32bit libxcb-dri3-0-32bit libxcb-glx0-32bit 
libxcb-present0-32bit libxcb-render0-32bit libxcb-shm0-32bit libxcb-
  libxcb-xfixes0-32bit libXcomposite1-32bit libXcursor1-32bit libXdamage1-32bit 
libXext6-32bit libXfixes3-32bit libXft2-32bit libXi6-32bit libXinerama1-32bit 
  libXrandr2-32bit libXrender1-32bit libxshmfence1-32bit libXt6-32bit 
libXxf86vm1-32bit Mesa-32bit Mesa-libEGL1-32bit Mesa-libGL1-32bit Mesa-
  mozilla-nspr-32bit mozilla-nss-32bit mozilla-nss-certs-32bit pango-

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