[packman] kdenlive crashes

Wolfgang Bauer e9325712 at student.tuwien.ac.at
Wed May 13 18:58:11 CEST 2015

Am Mittwoch, 13. Mai 2015, 18:10:16 schrieb jdd:
> Le 13/05/2015 18:00, Wolfgang Bauer a écrit :
> > Kdenlive 15.04 is the new port to KDE Frameworks5, that's why it builds
> > against (and uses) KF5 and Qt5.
> is it possible to have this still running kde4? 

Yes. But you need a libmlt built against Qt5, which is not available on 13.2 
or lower. And frei0r-plugins (which are even recommended by the libmlt6-
modules package) pull in Qt4 as well and cause a crash on startup (you could 
uninstall them though).

If you really want to run the latest kdenlive 15.04.1 on 13.2, I would 
recommend to use my repo of co-installable KF5/Plasma5 packages:

This contains kdenlive5 15.04.1 (installed to /opt/kf5/), a libmlt built 
against Qt5 (I changed the version to 0.9.60 so that it does not conflict with 
the standard Qt4-based one), and frei0r-plugins-qt5 (installed to a different 
directory, so again they don't conflict with the standard ones).

The main point of my repo actually was to install Plasma5 side-by-side to 
KDE4's desktop, but just installing/using one application should work fine too 
(and would allow to also keep the KDE4-based version).

OTOH, the question is whether it's necessary for you.
AIUI, 15.04 is just the port to KF5, not really much has changed.

> and why did not kdenlive
> 15... do not trigger the install of qt5?

Because you had Qt5 installed already, as YaST uses it since 13.2.
But it should have triggered the installation of some libKF5 packages...

Just to be clear: kdenlive didn't crash because you probably didn't have Qt5 
It crashed because it loaded both Qt4 (via libmlt) and Qt5 (by itself).

Any process that loads both Qt4 and Qt5 (directly or indirectly)  will crash.

We had the same problems with YaST and libproxy (and libqdialogsolver) about a 
year ago in Factory.

Kind Regards,

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