[packman] [PM] vlc 2.2.0-261.1 (openSUSE 13.2/x86_64) [Bug: No video on VLC 2.2]

Hartmut spieluhr at ewetel.net
Tue Mar 24 20:14:37 CET 2015

libvdpau_va_gl1 was it. Thanks!


Am 24.03.2015 um 12:48 schrieb Wolfgang Bauer:
> Am Montag, 23. März 2015, 19:18:34 schrieb Hartmut:
>> Could it be a library-problem with Packman? Xine on a non Nvidia-system
>> (Ati with radeon driver) stopped playing mp4 too. Error: could not
>> initiate vdpau. Xine plays mp4 on my with Nvidia-card-system. If needed
>> I can send a complete error-message ..
> Well, Xine runs fine here as well, both on a radeon and an intel system. But
> then my graphics cards do not even support decoding MP4 hardware-wise...
> First, is your libxine2 coming from Packman?
> The version in the openSUSE repositories do not support VDPAU at all.
> I can only suggest again to try removing libvdpau_va_gl1 if you have it
> installed. This worked in the forum thread for the affected persons.
> For radeon cards, libvdpau has plugins anyway, called libvdpau_r600 and
> libvdpau_radeonsi. But if libvdpau_va_gl1 is installed, this is forced.
> And yes, there is a "library problem" with libvdpau_va_gl1, because it forces
> its use if it is installed (which means it effectively breaks VDPAU on nvidia
> systems, and also causes nvidia-settings not being able to run at all).
> But this should only be installed by default on intel systems, or to be more
> precise, on systems where xf86-video-intel is installed. (which might be
> installed on non-intel systems if you upgraded from older versions I think)
> If you don't have libvdpau_va_gl1 installed, try to remove those libvdpau
> plugins. And/or try to  select a different video output device in Xine's
> settings.
> Regarding VLC: according to a post in the forum thread, the VLC packages from
> the VideoLAN repo do not seem to have this problem, i.e. one person wrote that
> they worked fine, whereas Packman's packages fail to play MP4. The only
> difference I can see is that the VideoLAN repo still contains ffmpeg 2.3,
> while Packman has 2.6.
> So maybe this is a problem in ffmpeg (in combination with VDPAU or
> libvdpau_va_gl1), or VLC (and Xine?) still has problems with ffmpeg 2.6.
> Kind Regards,
> Wolfgang
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