[packman] dcadec and FFmpeg

Martin Herkt 9 at cirno.systems
Sun Mar 22 08:08:28 CET 2015

On Sunday 22 March 2015 06:09:22 Luigi Baldoni wrote:
> ffmpeg is an essential package, I'm not sure it would be wise to link it to
> an unknown and still unstable piece of software just yet...

As opposed to the code that’s thoughtlessly being dumped into FFmpeg anyway, 
hack upon hack? As opposed to three external AAC encoders, only one of which 
is useful (fdk-aacenc)? As opposed to libx265 and libvpx which are TOTALLY 

My sarcasm aside, dcadec is actually much cleaner than FFmpeg’s built-in DTS 
decoder, according to FFmpeg developers. And libavcodec will still prefer the 
built-in decoder in any case, so at least it shouldn’t be able to break 
applications that don’t explicitly ask for it. It’ll be the built-in decoder 
that’s breaking things instead.

> Also do you have a link to the upstream project?


That *is* the upstream project.

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