[packman] [PM] ffmpeg 2.6-1.1 (openSUSE 13.1/x86_64)

manuel_songokuh at yahoo.it manuel_songokuh at yahoo.it
Thu Mar 12 10:59:03 CET 2015

thank you for update of dvdstyler 2.9.2, and but ffmpeg needs version 2.5 and not 2.6 because dvdstyler not work with ffmpeg 2.6 (libavcodec,libavformat,libavutil) ok?because there is information dvdstyler: http://dvdstyler.cvs.sourceforge.net/viewvc/dvdstyler/DVDStyler/ChangeLog
Version 2.9.2 <2015-02-17>

  * fixed muxrate

Version 2.9.1 <2015-02-15>

  * added +genpts muxing flag to improved compatibility on some dvd players (thanks to Manolito)
  * updated some translations
Version 2.9 <2015-02-07>

  * added selection of player for preview
  * added possibility to normalize audio (replay gain)
  * added ability to choose 5.1 audio and normalizing as default in the settings
  * added possibility to select border or crop to keep aspect ratio
  * added possibility to set default subtitle properties
  * added possibility to keep and use cached files after restarting of DVDStyler
  * redesigned the menu properties dialog
  * joined chapter and cell properties dialogs
  * enabled reencoding of ntsc film (24 fps) by default
  * fixed displaying of video bitrate if video don't need be transcoded
  * fixed memory leak (thanks to Sebastian Vater)
  * win32: updated ffmpeg to version 2.5

Version 2.8 <2014-09-13>

  * added possibility to rotate objects and buttons
  * added possibility to play all titlesets
  * fixed call last menu command
  * fixed multithreaded encoding
  * fixed some other bugs
  * updated ffmpeg to version 2.2.1

this mean is not updated for ffmpeg 2.6 yet okay?i need this worked for dvdstyler 2.9.2 ok?
please can update as soon..

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