[packman] spotify-installer package requires libgcrypt11 which is not available

Jimmy Berry jimmy at boombatower.com
Sun Aug 2 07:59:21 CEST 2015

I recently had a friend start using tumbleweed and he attempt to
install spotify via the packman spotify-installer package, but was met
with an unavailable dependency of libgcrypt11.

After some searching and finding it unavailable from any main
repositories I decided to use home:FunkyPenguin, but in order to keep
any other packages from being used I aggregated to my own repo for him
Thinking about it now I suppose a higher priority would do the trick
since not available anywhere else and it would keep other packages
from installing.

Anyway, it would seem like a good idea for packman to provide
libgcrypt11 if it is going to provide spotify-installer since the
package is useless without the dependency.



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