[packman] did api URL change ?

Christian chris at computersalat.de
Wed Oct 29 10:45:29 CET 2014


using pmbs via link on my own obs instance:
<project name="pmbs.org">
  <title>pmbs.links2linux.org Project</title>
  <description>This project refers to projects hosted on the Build
Service at links2linux.org project. This is important especially for the
base projects which provides the distributions to build against by
default. Your local Build Service instance will request, download and
cache all needed sources or binary packages from the links2linux.org
project when you build against it.

Use pmbs.org:openSUSE:11.4 for example to build against the
openSUSE:11.4 project as specified on the opensuse.org Build Service.
  <person role="maintainer" userid="admin" />

but I am getting this error on scheduler:
2014-10-29 09:42:43: waiting for an event...
response from watcher for https://pmbs-api.links2linux.org/public
502 remote error: Proxy Error
retrying in 60 seconds

Did the 'remoteurl' change ?

Thanks for help


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