[packman] Hello all [package: obs-studio] [username: boombatower]

Jimmy Berry jimmy at boombatower.com
Thu Nov 13 08:50:58 CET 2014

I have create a specfile for obs-studio (project links below). After seeing
that all the dependencies are in the packman repository and after some
discussion in #opensuse-buildservice it is clear packman is the right place
for the package (assuming it is desired).


After checking around in obs-studio IRC it is clear others are using it on
Linux and there is a ppa for ubuntu.

I have been using obs-studio for the last few days (both latest stable
release [0.6.4 as of this writing] and master) and it appears quite stable
not to mention useful. It has a number of features that I haven't seen from
anything else for Linux. I was able to record in 60fps on OSS ATI drivers
and upload with excellent results. Does not seem to suffer from performance
issues as some other utilities do.

The original project (as obs-studio is a multi-platform rewrite) is the
defacto standard on Windows for live streaming (I've used it there as
well). Quite a nice project.

I think it would be great to see obs-studio added to packman repository and
look forward to your feedback.


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