[packman] [PM] sweep 0.9.3-7.15 (openSUSE 12.3/x86_64)

Carsten Ziepke kieltux at gmail.com
Wed Nov 5 17:14:18 CET 2014

Dear packager,
could you please add some small patches from Debian to the packman
sweep package?

It happened already with the sweep package in OBS (multimedia:apps),
but then I saw, that I use the packman package (because of libmad).
Here is the accepted request:

Here is the patch list added to the OBS package:
All new patches are from the Debian sweep package: sweep 0.9.3-8
- added patch for crash when using multiple threads
  * fix_crash_when_using_multiple_threads.diff
- added patch for linking against x11
  * fix_linking_against_x11.diff 
- added patch for gui artefacts (ruler position)
  * fix_gui_artefacts.diff
- added patch for undefined reference to symbol 'g_module_build_path'
  * link_with_gmodule.diff

Here is a link to the patch package from Debian:

Thank you very much,
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