[packman] [PM] libmlt 0.9.2-51.1 (openSUSE Tumbleweed/i586) & (openSUSE Tumbleweed/x86_64)

Daniel Mader danielstefanmader at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 3 15:26:32 CET 2014

Dear Packman team,

it seems the latest libmlt/libmlt++3 (what's the difference, anyway?) is
missing libexif support.

As a consequence, kdenlive is unable to auto-rotate photos based on the
EXIF metadata:
ldd /usr/lib64/mlt-6/libmltgtk2.so | grep exif

Most probably, all other editors which use mlt are affected, too.

Please provide an updated version which enables users to make full use of
the mlt capabilities.

Many thanks in advance and best regards,

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