[packman] too much updates

Guillaume Gardet guillaume.gardet at free.fr
Fri Mar 28 17:00:53 CET 2014

Le 28/03/2014 16:26, Martin Schlander a écrit :
> Fredag den 28. marts 2014 11:40:07 skrev Hendrik Vogelsang:
>> On 27.03.2014 17:21, Guido Berhoerster wrote:
>>> The alternative would be to have separate
>>> projects for each release and linking the Packman packages to the
>>> corresponding Packages in stable releases on OBS
>> One of the main reasons for having Packman is to provide updates to the
>> latest and greatest versions of various packages....
> I guess the problem is not so much the "real" updates, but all the rebuilds 
> with little or no changes.

Don't we have a build-compare script enabled to not trigger unnecessary rebuilds?


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