[packman] Avidemux

Jörg Lorenzen joerg.lorenzen at ki.tng.de
Sun Mar 2 13:17:27 CET 2014

I had the same problem with DVB-recordings (video codec MPEG2) on 
openSUSE 12.3
and Avidemux-2.5.6-9000 (not first with 2.5.6-9001), but after after a 
lot of trial and error I found a solution.

Fist the DVB-stream has to fixed with ProjectX by creating two separate 
files with option demux,
one video and one audio file (e.g. <file>.m2v and <file>.mp2), creation 
of one single file containing
both codecs doesn't solve the problem.

After this both created files have to muxed to one mpeg file containing 
video and audio codec,
can be done with avidemux (copy for audio and video, container mpeg-ps).
Audio in this created file is synchronous and it can be further 
processed with avidemux.


Am 02.03.2014 09:37, schrieb Hartmut:
> A little bit more research:
> this misbehavior happens only with mpeg-files (DVB-recordings), 
> regardless if transport-stream or (with ProjectX) program-stream. I 
> found this error first after an update of Opensuse 13.1 mid January 
> and installed the previous version of Avidemux from packman for 
> Opensuse 12.3. That version was not updated at that time and worked 
> fine. This is the reason, why IMHO it's a Packman-case ...
> And yes, I deleted the folder .avidemux (that's every time the first 
> try for me).
> Hartmut
> Am 02.03.2014 04:20, schrieb Mark Fairbairn:
>> 13.1 here - cannot reproduce using avidemux 2.5.6-9001.1
>> Did you try my suggestion of deleting the avidemux config directory?
>> If that fails then perhaps query at http://www.avidemux.org/admForum/
>> On 02/03/14 06:05, Hartmut wrote:
>>> The current Version for Opensuse 13.1
>>> Hartmut
>>> Am 01.03.2014 13:17, schrieb Markus Kohm:
>>>>> The current Version for Opensuse 13.1 is not working the right way:
>>>>> audio is played from the beginning, regardless where in the video the
>>>>> cursor is. I used until today the version from 12.3 but this is 
>>>>> updated
>>>>> too.
>>>> I cannot reproduce the problem with openSUSE 12.3 and current avidemux
>>>> 2.5.6-9001.1. So maybe it depends on the video file or the 
>>>> container or the
>>>> codec. I've tested Mpeg-TS with MPEG2 contents only.
>>>> Markus
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