[packman] [PM] mythtv-0_27 0.27-2.38 (openSUSE Factory/i586)

Bjørn Ove Isaksen bjorn.o.isaksen at gmail.com
Fri Jun 27 13:12:12 CEST 2014


I am a keen OpenSuSE and MythTV user.

I understand that MythTV 0.27.1 was released some time ago, as shown on 

When updating the packman package today and looking at the changelog as 
shown below I do not see any confirmation that the packman version is 
updated to the 0.27.1 version as shown below:

    #rpm -q --changelog mythtv-0_27-common | head
    * sø. des. 22 2013 herbert at links2linux.de
    - Update to fixe/0.27 from 2013-12-22
    - Add explicit version of libvpx1 to force the packman

    * lø. okt. 05 2013 herbert at links2linux.de
    - Fix symbolic links in mythtgames package

    * fr. okt. 04 2013 herbert at links2linux.de
    - Fix cdio support

I therefore hope that you can perhaps help me out to upgrade by updating 
the package or alternatively just confirm that mythtv-0_27-XXX-0.27-2.14 
is already updated to the 0.27.1 package.

Sincerely yours
Bjørn Ove Isaksen
Stavanger, Norway

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