[packman] [PM] cinelerra 2.2git.2013.09.09-1.56 (openSUSE Factory/i586)

Terje J. Hanssen terje at nordland-teknikk.no
Sun Jun 1 19:24:47 CEST 2014

Den 01. juni 2014 16:04, skrev Dmitriy Perlow:
> Terje J. Hanssen <terje at nordland-teknikk.no>  Sun, 01 Jun 2014 
> 00:53:38 +0300:
>> Den 31. mai 2014 23:16, skrev Dmitriy Perlow:
>>> Terje J. Hanssen <terje at nordland-teknikk.no>  Thu, 29 May 2014 
>>> 22:24:15 +0300:
>>>> Hello Team,
>>>> As the renewed, upcoming Cinelerra.2014 from Cinelerra.org will be 
>>>> based on HV Cinelerra 4.x and stabilized on Ubuntu and CentOS, I 
>>>> hope and want to suggest that the Packman Team also will be able to 
>>>> offer this version and rpm packages for openSUSE.
>>>> http://cinelerra.org/1/
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Terje J. Hanssen
>>> Hi.
>>> http://sourceforge.net/projects/heroines/files/cinelerra-4.5-src.tar.xz/download 
>>> ?
>> http://cinelerra.org/1/index.php/2014-05-19-23-58-00/downloads
> It provides links to 4.5 and git. What should be packaged?

Looks like my add-on reply didn't come through to the list, and I 
include it first here:

> Den 01. juni 2014 00:29, skrev Terje J. Hanssen:
>> Hi,
>> Sorry, my last post reply was a little bit too short.
>> According to my last url:
>> "An updated version of the Official Cinelerra from Heroine Virtual is 
>> under development with many new exciting changes."
>> The current download from sourceforge as I understand it: "This is 
>> the most recent UBUNTU release from HV"
>> According to my initial url:
>> "We are initially stabilizing Cinelerra on both Ubuntu and CentOS 
>> which both bring developmental and performance capabilities that 
>> increase reliability and make it easier for the Artists to customize 
>> to their studio requirements."
>> And according to 
>> http://cinelerra.org/1/index.php/87-10-months/99-easy-customization/?tmpl=component 
>> OS Support: Ubuntu & CentOS distributions
>> "An important strategy to support the most users in the first project 
>> cycles are to focus on two distributions and gain acceptance with the 
>> principal developers of the Ubuntu and CentOS distributions. New 
>> releases for additional distributions will most surely emenate from 
>> our development labs but the initial plan is to seek and gain 
>> acceptance on Ubuntu and CentOS to support the largest user bases 
>> from both the Professional and the Independent user groups."
>> Previous look to build HV Cinelerra 4.x at Packman didn't succeed, so 
>> I thought it would be easier when the updated version for CentOS 
>> arrieves(?)

It will of course be fine if already the current HV Cinelerra 4.5 can be 
packaged for openSUSE, while waiting for the updated and 'standardized' 
Cinelerra-2014 next.


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