[packman] Missing Extra for Factory

Jiri Slaby jslaby at suse.cz
Wed Jul 16 16:02:48 CEST 2014


This is a 30-second task, can anyone look into it?

On 07/10/2014 06:25 PM, Jiri Slaby wrote:
> Hi,
> just a reminder of our conversation on IRC:
> <jsj_> gep: it seems, the project in Extra repo is called
> "openSUSE_Factory", but the publisher only export "Factory".
> <jsj_> sorry, please swap "project" with "repo" above
> <jsj_> We can delete the openSUSE_Factory repo from Extra and create a
> Factory, and rebuild everything, but this will take time.
> <jsj_> Can you please send a mail to the mailing list regarding this
> issue - just to remind me of doing it. Also there might be someone to
> chime in, if this has been configured intentionally.
> <olaf_> likely an oversight, just rename it.
> I am adding: wouldn't jsut editing "oscp meta prj -e Extra" fix it
> without the need of rebuild?
> thanks,
suse labs

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