[packman] ffmpeg/libav updates for SLE 11

Frank Steiner fsteiner-mail1 at bio.ifi.lmu.de
Wed Jul 2 12:42:40 CEST 2014

Stefan Botter wrote

> Yes, SLE is the black sheep. Apparently neither the SP2 nor the SP3
> repos have been published to the mirrors.
> As the mirroring part is only somewhat in my hand, I will try the quick
> fix to rename the SLE_11_SP3 repo to SLE_11. For SLE_11 the handling at
> the packman.links2linux.de site is in place, so it "should" work that
> way.

Thanks :-)

> PS: there seem to be _very_ few users of packman packages on SLE, this
> never came up for the past Year and a half!

Maybe they were just like me and just thought that SLE 11 was not
maintained that much anymore...

Anyway, those few users are veeeeeery thankful :-) Because without the
packman repository, it was not possible to use SLED at our site 
without complaining users about all the missing stuff... SLE release
cycles just got way too long to use the opensuse packages for it as
it was possible during SLE 8/9/10...

Thanks for your help!

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