[packman] blender 2.69. + ffmpeg + cycle_render + OpenImageIO dependency

Guillaume Gardet guillaume.gardet at free.fr
Fri Jan 17 16:24:11 CET 2014


Le 17/01/2014 16:09, Diego Ercolani a écrit :
> I recycle my question because I don't know how to manage 
> In data lunedì 13 gennaio 2014 09:41:48, Diego Ercolani ha scritto:
>> I released my packaging and it seem working.
>> As you see it depends on OIIO library that is foundable under
>> obs.opensuse.org (home:adra)
>> in the pmbs system manage the dependancy but how to tell to the final user?
>> Diego

I think you should commit your blender changes in openSUSE.org:graphics, and just _link it in pmbs.

Could OpenImageIO be added in openSUSE instance? If so, add it there. Otherwise, add it to PMBS.

The rule is to commit the most to openSUSE build service and to commit only what is not allowed in openSUSE OBS in PMBS.

Hope it helps you.


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