[packman] [PM] audacious 3.4.2-1.1 (openSUSE 12.3/x86_64)

Jim Gravelle jimgravelle at yahoo.ca
Fri Jan 10 04:15:39 CET 2014

Hi Cristian,

Yes...but if the Audacious Plugins package wasn't compiled with the 
libmpg123-devel package installed then the feature isn't there...which 
I've confirmed with the Author that it's not in your version.



On 09/01/14 05:44 PM, Cristian Morales Vega wrote:
> On 7 January 2014 16:14, Jim Gravelle <jimgravelle at yahoo.ca> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Just a heads up on this version of Audacious you are hosting: it's missing
>> the "libmpg123" package support for MP3 support. Even though you've compiled
>> it with FFmpeg support, MP3's don't cue up properly in the player.  You need
>> to compile the plugins with the "libmpg123-devel" package.  I've confirmed
>> this with the author of Audacious and did my own testing to confirm.
>> Now that Audacious 3.4.3 is out, can you please compile it with the
>> "libmpg123" package for MP3 support.
> https://pmbs.links2linux.de/package/binary?arch=x86_64&filename=audacious-plugins-extra-3.4.2-3.3.x86_64.rpm&package=audacious-plugins&project=Multimedia&repository=openSUSE_13.1
> As you can see the "Requires" column includes libmpg123. Has always have.

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