[packman] How to upgrade XBMC to Kodi

Herbert Graeber herbert at links2linux.de
Wed Dec 3 21:18:46 CET 2014

Am Mittwoch, 3. Dezember 2014, 21:42:01 schrieb Sagi Ben-Akiva:
> XBMC Release Candidate for ersion 14.0 Helix was released couple of days
> ago.
> This is the first version which introduce XBMC project new name, Kodi.
> I started to work on building kodi in packman build service, but the name
> change introduce an issue that I don't know how to solve and would like to
> get your opinion/suggestion.
> I guess that because of the name change zypper or any other package manager
> will not mark kodi as an upgrade for xbmc which might cause installation
> issues because many files in that package kept their names.
> If one will decide to force this installation, what will be the output of :
> # rpm -qf /path/to/kodi/filename
> Is there a way to mark in the spec that this package upgrades a different
> package ?

You need the followinging tags in kodi.spec:

Obsoletes: xmbc < 14.0
Provides:  xmbc = 14.0

The first one will remove the old xmbc package. The second one will pull the 
kodi rpm as a replacment of the old xbmc package on update.

Here an useful link: https://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Package_dependencies

> Maybe to add a pre-install script which uninstall xbmc if exist ?

No. That's not neccessary. But maybe you will need some magic for migrating 
existing configuration files. But that cannot been done by the rpm, but must 
been done for each user when running kodi first time.


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