[packman] Repository layout clarification

Tomáš Chvátal tomas.chvatal at gmail.com
Fri Nov 15 08:51:57 CET 2013

2013/11/14 Hendrik Vogelsang <hvogel at hennevogel.de>

> Hey,
> On 14.11.2013 14:12, Tomáš Chvátal wrote:
> > Any suggestions for why is it bad idea or any other are welcome.
> I don't quite understand which problem you are trying to solve. That
> packman has a newer gstreamer package that doesn't work with some
> dependend packages from 13.1?
> Henne

Now it is gstreamer. But it can be many other libraries we copy out from
the build.opensuse.org and that change version in factory compared to
release branch.
For example we should build against libquvi provided by 13.1 too but we
build against Factory version. As this approach is too prone for breakages.


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