[packman] GStreamer on 13.1

Cristian Morales Vega christian.morales.vega at gmail.com
Mon Nov 11 21:41:07 CET 2013

On 11 November 2013 15:53, Cristian Morales Vega
<cristian.morales.vega at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 11 November 2013 15:24, Richard Brown <RBrownCCB at opensuse.org> wrote:
>> On Mon, 2013-11-11 at 15:10 +0000, Cristian Morales Vega wrote:
>>> On 11 November 2013 15:02, Richard Brown <RBrownCCB at opensuse.org> wrote:
>> I already *have* all the GStreamer 1.2 packages from Packman manually
>> installed, but Totem/GStreamer+PackageKit clearly wants the 1.0 (from
>> 13.1 oss repo) as well.
> I think Dominique/Dimstar is the openSUSE person who better
> understands it, you may ask him. But AFAIK
> "Totem/GStreamer+PackageKit" should not "want the 1.0 as well". The
> 1.2 packages *are* enough, and it should be happy with them. Asking
> for the 1.0 one is IMHO a bug.

I just checked in my 12.3, which is in *exactly* the same situation:
Totem from openSUSE, compiled against GStreamer 1.0 from openSUSE,
works just fine with GStreamer 1.2 from Packman.
When I uninstall gstreamer-plugins-libav the video fails to play, but
Totem doesn't ask me to install it. I guess there is something broken
in 12.3 that was fixed in 13.1. Perhaps when fixing that a new problem

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