[packman] [PM] kid3 3.0.1-3.5 (openSUSE Factory/i586)

Urs Fleisch urs.fleisch at gmail.com
Sat Nov 9 09:59:21 CET 2013

Hi PackMan Team,

I had a look at your Kid3 packages and have the following remarks:

- The translation files are missing (all files
  in /usr/share/kid3/translations/). They are used by all executables
  (kid3, kid3-qt, kid3-cli) and libraries (kid3-core, kid3-gui), so they
  should be in the libraries package.

- Both kid3 and kid3-qt have a DBus-interface,
  so /usr/share/dbus-1/interfaces/net.sourceforge.Kid3.xml should also
  be in the basic libraries package.

- It is not useful to put all plugins into a separate package. Without
  any of the metadata plugins, kid3 cannot edit any tag format, so you
  will have to install kid3-plugins and libkid3_3 in any case. Separate
  packages make sense if you want to reduce the depedencies. You could
  split the plugins in the following way:

  - Put libtaglibmetadata.so, libmusicbrainzimport.so,
    libamazonimport.so, libdiscogsimport.so, libfreedbimport.so into the
    basic libraries package. This will only add a dependency to TagLib,
    which provides support for all formats (the import libraries listed
    above have no special dependencies).

  - Put libacoustidimport.so, libid3libmetadata.so,
    liboggflacmetadata.so into a special "extra plugins package". They
    add dependencies to libav, id3lib and libogg/vorbis/FLAC++. You
    could split these plugins further, but I am not sure if this will
    really make the users' life easier.

I haven't split kid3 into so many packages, only kid3-core (all
libraries and plugins), kid3 (KDE), kid3-qt (without KDE dependencies)
and kid3-cli (command line tool). The Fedora maintainer made a
kid3-common package containing both kid3-core and kid3-cli which can
also make sense because kid3-cli is really small, has no extra
dependencies and this makes kid3-common a useful package itself (if you
do not need a GUI). Other distributions have put everything into a
single package, which could eliminate user errors, but does not support
avoiding installation of unneeded dependencies.


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