[packman] PMBS broken! (was: Re: [PM] handbrake 0.9.8-3.13 --> 0.9.9)

David Haller dnh at opensuse.org
Tue Jun 11 17:14:44 CEST 2013


On Fri, 07 Jun 2013, Marguerite Su wrote:
>Of course it's possible. I'm working on it. But our build service had
>some problems, now I just know build fails, but I don't have access to
>the build log. So I have to build it on my own laptop to see what
>happened. It may take more time than ever.

You'll need to recreate the harfbuzz-patch, but, as it's not yet
solved in upstream, I think it's easier to handle from the .spec.
Have a look at


esp. the .spec file.

It's a "test" commit throwing out _all_ extra packages, but as per the
Changelog at least some more libs can now be "system-libs", I just
wanted to test if "even more" than those work. IIRC, I removed all the
libs that are "upstreamed" as per the changelog, so, IIRC comment in
those tarballs that I've kept.

But actually, I'm just waiting for the PMBS to work again, not even a
local build works ("osc build" returns a "Bad Request")... And all
repos show up as "The setup of repository is broken, build not

-dnh, maybe I'll run a local "rpmbuild" to check on that libs stuff

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