[packman] more problems with dvdstyler

Rolf Niepraschk Rolf.Niepraschk at gmx.de
Tue Jul 23 18:37:15 CEST 2013

Now the missing 32bit version of libwxsvg needed by dvdstyler available 
but now dvdstyler no more works. I installed dvdstyler again and get

Installation of 'DVDStyler-2.4.3-1.20.i586' from repository 'Packman 
repository (openSUSE_12.3)'.
Resolving package dependencies...

Problem: nothing provides libavformat.so.54 needed by 
  Solution 1: do not install DVDStyler-2.4.3-1.20.i586
  Solution 2: break DVDStyler-2.4.3-1.20.i586 by ignoring some of its 


ldd /usr/lib/libwxsvg.so.0.5.7 | grep avformat

I get

        libavformat.so.55 => /usr/lib/libavformat.so.55 (0xb6e09000)

dvdstyler is still linked again the old libavformat54. Forcing the 
installation of dvdstyler shows me:

ldd /usr/bin/dvdstyler | grep libavformat

         libavformat.so.54 => not found
         libavformat.so.55 => /usr/lib/libavformat.so.55 (0xb5ea7000)

This seems to be wrong.


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