[packman] Bug handling (and a smplayer bugreport)

Christian Boltz packman at cboltz.de
Sun Jan 27 22:21:50 CET 2013


(please CC me in your reply - I'm not subscribed to the packman 

I'm slightly ;-) confused how the packman bug tracking is done.

http://wiki.links2linux.de/packman:faq_de says

| Was mache ich wenn sich das Paket nicht problemlos installieren lässt?
| Schicke einfach eine e-Mail mit der genauen Fehlerbeschreibung an die 
| packman-Liste: packman at links2linux.de.

but http://en.opensuse.org/openSUSE:Services_help contains

| packman.links2linux.org
| packman at links2linux.de
| Use Bugzilla with the Product openSUSE.org and the Component 3rd party 
| software

Which of them is correct? Do you want bugreports only on the packman 
mailinglist or also via bugzilla.novell.com?

If you also accept bugreports via bugzilla, who is the correct assignee?

BTW: there's a bugreport for smplayer2 which caused this question:

If the smplayer2 maintainer wants to take a look... ;-)


Christian Boltz
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