[packman] MythTV 0.26

Jörg Dreßler joschi79 at web.de
Mon Nov 12 10:57:57 CET 2012

Hi Herbert,

thank you for providing the new MythTV. Unfortunately it will now take 
some time for me to update my box. So if you need a feedback, you'll 
have to wait a bit.


Am 04.11.2012 18:17, schrieb Herbert Graeber:
> Am Samstag, 3. November 2012, 14:19:26 schrieb Jörg Dreßler:
>> i've a short question to the package builders. Are there plans for
>> creating a package of the new MythTV version 0.26?
> If start 0.26 in my home repo, but currently it doesn't build. There are not
> packages for Fedora either, maybe because of the same problem. That was the
> state some days ago. I will re-check, if that has changed...
> Another problem is, that my mythtv box is broken, so so I cannot use it myself
> :-(
> Herbert
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