[packman] [PM] qmmp 0.6.3-3.14 (openSUSE 12.2 / i586)

Cristian Morales Vega reddwarf at opensuse.org
Tue Nov 6 08:13:33 CET 2012

On 1 November 2012 21:58,  <cupra2 at gmx.de> wrote:
> thank you for creating qmmp package.
> Installation of package creates two menu entries,
> audio Player and video player
> but qmmp is not a video player.
> This entry should be removed.

Linux packages have no "menu entries". They have "Categories" and the
Linux distribution automatically creates the menu entries from them.

The categories in qmmp are "AudioVideo;Player;Audio;Qt;". And the
standard says that if "Audio" is included "AudioVideo" *must* also be
I guess openSUSE is adding it to the video section because of
"AudioVideo". But that's a bug in openSUSE, no in the qmmp package.
Please report it in http://bugzilla.novell.com/.

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