[packman] two submitrequests to Essentials (ffmpeg_oldabi and xine-lib)

Stefan Seyfried seife at s3e.de
Sat May 19 12:19:03 CEST 2012

Hi all,

I'm right now fixing Factory build failures (most of them in the
"Buildrequires: automake autoconf libtool" or "gcc-4.7 needs some
additional #includes" class).

The trivial ones are committed already. However, for really essential
stuff I wanted to give other people a chance to review :-)

One is ffmpeg_oldabi -- I think this one is "mostly harmless"

213  State:new  By:seife        When:2012-05-19T09:49:09
     submit:    home:seife:branches:Essentials/ffmpeg_oldabi ->
     Descr: don't apply %suse_update_libdir on >12.1 - it breaks build

The second is xine-lib -- especially the specfile hacks are not that
clean as I'd like them, but it at least builds on all platforms again.

210  State:new  By:seife        When:2012-05-16T10:34:37
     submit:    home:seife:branches:Essentials/xine-lib -> Essentials
     Descr: fix build on > 12.1 by including a zlib patch and some
            specfile hacks for newer automake

Best regards,

Stefan Seyfried
Linux Consultant & Developer
Mail: seyfried at b1-systems.de GPG Key: 0x731B665B

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