[packman] Package update workflow?

Cristian Morales Vega reddwarf at opensuse.org
Tue May 8 15:39:27 CEST 2012

On 8 May 2012 11:00, Stefan Seyfried <stefan.seyfried at googlemail.com> wrote:
> Hi Cristian,
> Am 07.05.2012 21:34, schrieb Cristian Morales Vega:
>> The ones of rpm. The version included in the SUSE:SLE-11 and
>> SUSE:SLE-11:SP2 projects (since for some reason we don't build against
> I don't have access to the repos (I think they are not readily available
> on opensuse OBS), but I downloaded them from the novell update site.

They should be exactly the same RPMs.

>> SUSE:SLE-11:Update and SUSE:SLE-11:SP2:Update :-? ).
>> What I am doing is taking the official RPMs of each suse version we
>> build against and modifying them.
> Ok, I zipped up everything that's on the update server
> sles11sp2 has no update yet, so only the GM version is in the tarball.

The GM version is exactly what I need (since we are not building
against the updates).
I created the SLE-11-SP2 version from those sources.
mjpegtools doesn't compiles because it needs SDL_gfx, that is not
available for SLE-11. But I added the gmtk package to do the test and
it works.

So... any +1/-1 about adding these rpm packages to Essentials?
Again, the idea is to allow multimedia:libs/multimedia:apps
maintainers play with the new rpm features. We can link them and will
still build in the old distros that we support and they don't.

Notice that for some reason the aegisub package fails to build (not
related to the rpm packages). No idea why...

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