[packman] Package update workflow?

Guido Berhoerster guido+links2linux.de at berhoerster.name
Fri May 4 18:05:00 CEST 2012

On 04.05.2012 16:58, Cristian Morales Vega wrote:
 > On 4 May 2012 15:39, Stefan Seyfried<stefan.seyfried at googlemail.com> 
 >> Hi all,
 >> a small question wrt. the workflow in pmbs -- in order to not step on
 >> anyone's toes
 >> In order to update clipgrab to the latest version, I have linked it into
 >> home:seife and updated it there. It builds fine.
 >> The question is: what to do now? Submitrequest and self-accept?
 >> Submitrequest and wait for somebody else to accept?
 >> Should I commit directly to Extra next time? (I wouldn't like that
 >> because I usually want to test if it really builds and works...
 > Good question. In my first commit I was said to never again create a
 > branch because the build power was too limited. Then people complained
 > because of committing directly. Once I got a submit request I didn't
 > like accepted by somebody else. I saw people in this mailing list
 > discussing different ways to fix something and never getting an answer
 > (and the problem remained unfixed).
 > Now I created a bug (PM-15) and a submit request (#192) for a fix that
 > for me is so obvious that shouldn't require any discussion. And for a
 > package that I don't think has any real active maintainer any more (I
 > guess Pascal will be the one to accept it).
 > So... there is no clear policy. And if you trust the
 > maintainer/bugowner tags in the package metadata it's easy to be
 > worried about stepping on the toes of somebody that isn't there.

One problem is that there is no notification system like Hermes for 
openSUSE's OBS so people do not notice there are open SRs.

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