[packman] Manual dependencies on ffmpeg: not good

Cristian Morales Vega reddwarf at opensuse.org
Tue Jun 19 21:56:59 CEST 2012

On 17 June 2012 14:25, Jan Engelhardt <jengelh at inai.de> wrote:
> On Sunday 2012-06-17 14:39, Manfred Tremmel wrote:
>>Am Dienstag, 12. Juni 2012, 18:01:39 schrieb Jan Engelhardt:
>>> My openSUSE_12.1 system currently has ffmpeg-0.9.1-1.1[packman], but
>>ffmpeg 0.9.1 has been replaced in January, you realy should update to
>>the latest version.
>>> zypper does not want to update to ffmpeg-0.11[packman], because of
>>> some whacky manual dependencies that someone had added. Drilled down
>>> (minimal testcase), in rpm lingo,:
>>make a "zypper dup", this should resolve.
> I do not consider that an ideal solution, because it replaces all
> packages by random vendors, depending on which repositories are enabled.

I agree with you in the general problem
But dist-upgrade behavior isn't random ->

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