[packman] Filezilla 3.5.3 for Suse 11.4?

Smartysmart34 smartysmart34 at web.de
Mon Jun 4 15:44:57 CEST 2012

Hi all,

I just realised that Filezilla continuously reminds me of a new version.
I checked on the Opensuse Website (Packetsearch) and realised:

Factory has Filezilla 3.5.3
Suse 12.1 has Filezilla 3.5.3
Suse 11.4 has Filezilla
Tumbleweed has nothing at all

I am still not understanding Tumbleweed (I thought this would be a
rolling update and thus should allready provide Filezilla 3.5.3,
shouldn't it).

So my question is: Would it be possible to build Filezilla 3.5.3 for
Opensuse 11.4 on Packman?

Kind regards,

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