[packman] [PMBS] SR 245 Multimedia/libquvi

David Haller dnh at opensuse.org
Sun Jul 8 20:24:54 CEST 2012


On Sun, 08 Jul 2012, Cristian Morales Vega wrote:
>On 8 July 2012 15:36, David Haller <david at dhaller.de> wrote:
>> Am Sun, 08 Jul 2012, Cristian Morales Vega schrieb:
>>>Would not make more sense to:
>>>a) Only build it for 11.4 since the other distributions already
>>>provide quvi in the default repos
>> Even factory and multimedia:libs have no current versions and we need
>> an up to date quvi/libquvi/libquvi-scripts for clive and cclive. And
>OK. I was looking at the "BuildRequires:  libquvi-devel >= 0.2.0" line
>from cclive.spec. I see from configure.ac that it's actually >= 0.4.0.

Yikes! I missed that Require. I'll fix it.

>In such a case I have no problem with it being build for 12.1.
>> cclive is not in any repo I can find ATM with software.o.o, and with
>> 'osc se' I only find a 26months old 0.6.2 version in
>> openSUSE11.4:Contrib (and e.g. YT has changed stuff since then at
>> least twice).
>You can submit it to the main openSUSE repo ;-)

Packman is easier ;) And: multimedia:libs / Factory is somewhat
limited in for what you can build. Well, Packman's too. Guess I'll
have to have it in my OBS/PMBS:~ anyway, as a devel for
multimedia:libs -> Factory (or PMBS:Multimedia) ... *sigh*

>IMHO for .*quvi.* it makes more sense to submit an update to

I guess.

>and, if cclive is in Packman, just link to multimedia:libs from

How? But anyway, while I'm at it, I might look into why cclive is not
yet in mm:libs (or wherever).

>Now Packman will have an updated version but openSUSE will
>be released with an outdated quvi. But it would not be he first

BTDT,GNTS. That was my idea, i.e. just get all those packages in one
place without worrying much about licensing etc. I dislike that
'linking' etc. aggregate? link? branch? copy?  *gah* (just so you know
my motivation).


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