[packman] [PMBS] SR 245 Multimedia/libquvi

David Haller david at dhaller.de
Sun Jul 8 16:36:10 CEST 2012


Am Sun, 08 Jul 2012, Cristian Morales Vega schrieb:
>Would not make more sense to:
>a) Only build it for 11.4 since the other distributions already
>provide quvi in the default repos

Even factory and multimedia:libs have no current versions and we need
an up to date quvi/libquvi/libquvi-scripts for clive and cclive. And
cclive is not in any repo I can find ATM with software.o.o, and with
'osc se' I only find a 26months old 0.6.2 version in
openSUSE11.4:Contrib (and e.g. YT has changed stuff since then at
least twice).

>b) Link to openSUSE:Current for the 11.4 version

See above.

As I was so far one who maintained clive in my home:dnh (often the
most current in obs://*), I was getting tired of this looking for a
current quvi and somehow build against it ... So I think the best way
would be to provide all above mentionend relevant packages "in one
place" on packman.

And also: packman already has quvi/cclive (in older to ancient
version) in the repo. So old that upstream has split up quvi into
quvi, libquvi, libquvi-doc and libquvi-scripts in the meantime. Go
figure (I have libquvi-doc as a subpackage of libquvi where it
belongs, just like upstream too).

quvi: 0.4.2
libquvi: 0.4.1
libquvi-scripts: 0.4.6

So, versions already have diverged ...

-dnh, I'll still be a bit on #packman on freenode.net

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