[packman] [PM] cinelerra 2.2cv20111114-7.9 (openSUSE 12.1/i586)

Manfred Tremmel manfred at links2linux.de
Mon Jan 9 23:35:41 CET 2012

Am Sonntag, 8. Januar 2012, 12:27:40 schrieb cupra2:

> thank you for creating cinelerra package.
> Unfortunately cinelerra 2.2cv20111114-7.9 has a dependence to paket
> libx264-119 ( libx264.so.119 ).
> libx264-119 is not available anymore because it was updated to
> libx264-120. So cinelerra 2.2cv20111114-7.9 is not installable
> currently.

cinellera diddn't build because off a dependency to mjpegtools = 1.9 
which couldn't be fullfilled on our buildserver. Therfore it didn't 
compile against the updated libx264. I've changed the BuildRequires and 
Requires entries in the cinelera spec file. I hope it compiles and we 
have a new package tomorrow.

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