[packman] Was ist los mit PackMan?

Malcolm malcolm_lewis at bellsouth.net
Wed Jan 4 04:02:33 CET 2012

On Wed, 04 Jan 2012 02:59:15 +0100
Willem Franssen
<willemfranssen at planet.nl> wrote:

> Good morning,
> I'm just an average OpenSUSE end-user. I can't develop software,
> neither I can compile or package it. I use OpenSUSE since version
> 10.2 with some intervals. All those years I used the
> Packman-repostories/mirrors. They were necessary and very convenient.
> Trusted names to me were Manfred Tremmel, Detlef Reichelt and Pascal
> Bl;aser. If some packages didn't work I sent a mail and most of the
> times the answers were polite and helpful.
> I followed the discussions about "the future of Packman" and the
> threads about "Claws mail unleashed".
> I would regret the dead of Packman and meanwhile to me it's another 
> example of what I think open software projects in principle have in 
> common many times: no clear leadership, no clear goal and too much 
> non-commitment. Besides that the OpenSUSE-community itself (so not 
> Packman) suffers - at least in my view - a kind of meritocracy that's 
> apparently highly appreciated by the leadership of the
> Suse-community, but will be contraproductive.  I consider meritocracy
> reprehensible. Nevertheless I'm satisfied by the Suse-distributions
> themselves. But as far as the needs of average end-users are
> considered I think Ubuntu (yea, yea, under strong supervision of
> Cannonical) is better suited. Software has to be made for the users,
> not to satisfy ideas of developpers. That's my humble opinion.
> When I read the OpenSUSE strategy statement (too long discussed in
> the past year) I think there's still a disdain among many developpers 
> towards the average end user. In my experience the Packman-team had
> not.
> Neither open source projects, neither the end-users deserve the 
> properties I described above.
> Wether I trusted the packages of Packman I am not sure what the 
> contributors of the OBS are after, especially those with there home 
> projects and their home-repositories. Besides that I wonder who is in 
> control of the quality of the OBS-packages, whou decides what is in,
> or should be in the OBS and how are restricted formats and
> proprietary patents handled. And are the OBS-packages compiled to all
> yet supported distributions? In regard to the latter: I don't think
> so. I think the OBS is not that convenient and easy to use for the
> end-user yet.
> Packman is, at least in the past when OBS didn't exist.
> I would prefer Packman goes on the way it was and with the broad
> scope of packages it used to have.
> I've always appreciated your work and I hope you go on.
> kind regards,
> Willem Franssen
AFAIK it's all to do with build power, there is an abundance on the Open Build Service not so on the packman build service.

I have pushed the claws-mail (and plugins) updates to the development
repository (GNOME:Apps) and now wait for review, from there it will
get pushed to Factory. I'm not sure whether it would get pushed as an
update in 12.1 oss, but once it's accepted into GNOME:Apps I will ask.

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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