[packman] Clean up PMOBS part 1: gstreamer

Bjørn Lie zaitor at opensuse.org
Tue Feb 28 20:11:05 CET 2012

ti., 28.02.2012 kl. 16.06 +0100, skrev Detlef Reichelt:
> Hi,
> i've setup an own OBS to fix/cleanup gstreamer for PMOBS, as you can
> see (1), for every $DIST an extra version of gstreamer. Also build
> required packages only if $DIST doesn't fullfill the requires. For
> example:
> 1140_libmms
> Build libmms up to 1140, 1210 and later have libmms in oss.
> If nobody have a problem with this style, i ci it to PMOBS.
> Detlef
> (1) http://drcux.de/gstreamer.pdf

Well look at that, just today I branched 2 of the gstreamer packages, as
I saw that they had not been updated for a long time, and needed some
love. I see you are well ahead of me. No need for me to SR anything ;-)

Great initiative Detlef! "The gstreamers" look to be in need of
The only thing I can think of that could cause trouble in the future is
the 1210 prefix on packages for tumbleweed, what happens when TW changes
to 12.2 base?

And a wish from me :-)
Could we use this cleanup to rename some of the packages to "conform"
with the rest of gstreamer?

Thinking particular about 


They would then be named:


This is of course not strictly needed in any way, it would just be


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