[packman] Hi, how can I join you?

Marguerite Su i at marguerite.su
Sun Feb 19 15:50:09 CET 2012

Hiya, all in packman team,

I would like to join you team in packaging apps for openSUSE.

I'm already a packager for openSUSE project on OBS. I maintain M17N,
home:opensuse_zh (Semi-Official Chinese Repo), home:csslayer ( a
Chinese input method's official repo) and my home:MargueriteSu and a
lot of Sub repositories. as well as maintianer of some packages in
openSUSE official -devel repositories.

I would like to package multimedia libraries like
home:MargueriteSu:ffmpeg does, while without limitations from OBS.

But I can't find a way to register your pmbs.links2linux.org, all
failures. seems registration has been disabled.

the HOW-TO-JOIN section on packman.links2linux.org is obsoleted. it is
still for FTP eras.

so can anyone of you points me the right direction to go? the
procedures to process?

Thanks a lot



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