[packman] xbmc 11 beta3 for opensuse 12.1 x64?

Rodney Wilder rodw at ravenet.ca
Fri Feb 10 18:41:56 CET 2012

Great work on providing up to date packages for opensuse, your site is extremely helpful.  I do have one question on xbmc, was wondering if someone was working on or already had an rpm of the beta versions of xbmc 11.  I ask due to xbmc 11's apparent support for ati/amd's xvba video acceleration.  I don't mind testing some rpms and reporting if they work or things break etc.

Currently, at least on my opensuse 12.1 x64 with xbmc 10.1 up to 10.1-10.19 i cannot play mkv or mp4 video files with va-api enabled as the player just doesn't start the video and xbmc hangs.  disabling va-api support works to play the files, but my amd e350 APU doesn't have the cpu horsepower to play HD videos smoothly without video hardware acceleration hence my interest in testing xbmc 11.

As for possibly broken vaapi support in current xbmc 10.1 packages, vainfo and fglrxinfo provide appropriate output showing that va-api plugin for xvba should be working.  current mplayer and mplayer2 packages don't seem to be compiled with vaapi support so I cannot test it there.  This also brings up the question on if someone can compile mplayer packages with vaapi support enabled.

Thank you


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