[packman] Bugtracker for Packman: it's alive

Vdeveloper musicsuse at gmx.com
Fri Apr 27 14:53:55 CEST 2012

On Friday, April 27, 2012 02:36:15 AM Pascal Bleser wrote:
> I received the approval for an unlimited open source project
> license for JIRA from Atlassian, yay :)
> Hence the system is now live and ready for production:
> https://bugs.links2linux.org
> * it is HTTPS only (I might add a redirect HTTP -> HTTPS)
> * the certificate is CAcert, should be accepted out of the box
>   on openSUSE
> * anyone can create an account
> * administrators are currently Marc Schiffbauer and myself
> * JIRA is extremely configurable in its workflows, screens,
>   fields, etc... -- if anyone has suggestions, please do make
>   them on this list; I personally believe it should remain as
>   simple as possible to avoid confusing less experienced users,
>   but any idea is worth discussing :)
> * I'll make a broad announcement on openSUSE channels
> And, quite obviously: please use the bugtracker instead of
> emails to report issues, package requests, etc...
> It might be a little more effort than just sending an email, but
> makes it a lot easier to
> - not miss any of them that might get lost and forgotten in
>   inboxes
> - pick TODOs for people on the Packman team
> - keep track of the status of things (okay, that's obvious :))
> - highlight how badly we need more people to contribute to
>   Packman
> If you are a Packman packager (and hence have access to the
> Packman OBS instance), please send me a short email or poke me
> on IRC (I'm yaloki on freenode) to let me know, and I'll add you
> to the packman-packagers JIRA group.
> cheers

That's good, 
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