[packman] [PM] gyachi 1.2.11-1.55 (openSUSE 12.1/x86_64)

Maarten van't Zand marcvantzand at gmail.com
Sun Apr 22 08:37:42 CEST 2012


Recently I have some problems running gyachi, I run the latest 64 bit
version gyachi-1.2.11-1.55.x86_64

the problem was introduced in the last two updates,I hoped that this
release would fix the problem but the result was the same as the
previous update.

the libnotify plugin is crashing Gyachi when a notification should be
displayed. uninstalling libnotify returns gyachi in good working order
but then of course with the native notification.

There is an other issue but I don't know if this is related to Gyachi or
related to yahoo.

When using Yahoo chatrooms a captcha error occurs
"Closing captcha jpg loader failed. Try rejoin-ing the chat room"
when trying to re-join the same happens.

Greetings and keep up the good work the team is doing.

Maarten van't Zand

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