[packman] List of 12.1 packages that are available in both Packman and openSUSE without without providing anything new in Packman

Herbert Graeber herbert at graeber-clan.de
Sat Apr 14 12:44:04 CEST 2012

Am Samstag, 14. April 2012, 01:09:25 schrieb Cristian Morales Vega:
> I got this list from the output of zypper. It does not include
> packages with different names in openSUSE and Packman, but...
> Any idea about why they are in Packman? libmms is there because the
> 32bit package is needed by gstreamer-0_10-plugins-bad-32bit. The
> others, no idea...

For most of them it's simply history. They have gone into the packman repos
long ago when they did not exist  in the distribution. I bet many of them can 
be removed completely and some can be disabled for 12.1 and Tumbleweed, but 
some must be kept for 11.4 and/or Evergreen.

But some some packages may get updates later and therefore may become newer 
than the 12.1 ones in future. For those packages it may be better to keep them 
enabled even when they have identical contents as packages from 12.1. Else our 
users are forced to hop between repos with vendor changes all the time.

I will check my packages (mostly perl packages needed for xmltv) and disable 
and remove what's not needed anymore.

I think it would be a good idea to have a regular packman cleanup day ;-) and 
remove such (partly) obsolete packages.

> google-perftools
> google-perftools-devel
> libetpan-devel
> libmms0
> libmms-devel
> libqwt5
> libwavpack1
> libwavpack1-32bit
> licq
> licq-devel
> licq-kde4-gui
> licq-qt4-gui
> licq-qt4-gui-data
> linphone
> linphone-applet
> linphone-devel
> perl-AnyEvent
> perl-Class-Factory-Util
> perl-Class-Singleton
> perl-Config-Tiny
> perl-DateTime
> perl-DateTime-Format-Builder
> perl-DateTime-Format-Strptime
> perl-DateTime-Locale
> perl-Devel-Cycle
> perl-Digest-CRC
> perl-File-Find-Rule
> perl-JSON-XS
> perl-libintl-perl
> perl-Number-Compare
> perl-PadWalker
> perl-Switch
> perl-Test-Fatal
> perl-Test-Memory-Cycle
> perl-Test-Simple
> perl-Text-Glob
> perl-Try-Tiny
> portaudio-devel
> python-distribute
> python-pyparsing
> python-pyparsing-doc
> python-Sphinx
> python-Sphinx-doc
> python-xdg
> qwt-designer
> qwt-devel
> qwt-devel-doc
> qwt-examples
> ripit
> wavpack
> wavpack-devel
> xine-ui

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