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Christian chris at computersalat.de
Thu Apr 5 16:54:06 CEST 2012

>> Unrelated... why are we building against both SLE_11 and SLE-11-SP2?
>> Every binary compiled against SLE_11 should work with SLE-11-SP2.
> Does it? I mean, really? SLE-11-SP2 ships different libs and
> different versions of libs so ...
If you have a package build against SLE_11 SP1 that does not work on a 
SLE_11 SP2 box, then
you can tell to darix:

--- Day changed Di Mär 20 2012
15:46 < ChrisWi> where does the brilliant idea come from to have 
"SLE_11_SP1" ?? why not stay on "SLE_11" and change internally to SP1 ?
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15:51 < Ammler> there are more SLE repos as openSUSE repos in the 
meantime :-)
15:53 < jnxa> Talk about pointless rebuilds.
15:53 < Ammler> but I would assume, it is fine to use SLE_11_SP2 only, 
as this is still compatible back to SLE_11
15:53 < _Marcus_> its not
15:53 < _Marcus_> we had new glibc versions in both SP1 and SP2
15:53 < _Marcus_> so SLE_11_SP2 packages will not install on SLES 11 GA 
or SP1 I would suspect
15:55 < jnxa> SP1: glibc 2.11.1. SP2: glibc 2.11.3.
15:55 < Ammler> ok, then I miss the sense to use SP instead real distro 
15:55 < jnxa> What a difference.
15:55 < _Marcus_> its not much, the symbol versions might not have bumped
16:15 < _Marcus_> SLE11 GA could actually go, as we do not support it 
18:40 < darix> ChrisWi: binaries for most stuff that is built on GA 
should work on sp1 or sp2
18:40 < darix> but not the other direction
18:40 < darix> kernel and a few others being an exception of course
18:43 < ChrisWi> darix: most is not all, and doesn't "glibc" affect all ?
18:43 < darix> ChrisWi: show us a binary compiled against GA or SP1 that 
doesnt work on SP2 anymore
18:43 < darix> :)
18:43 < darix> (caused by glibc)



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