[packman] gyachi 1.2.11

Markus Hauser BA markus.hauser.ba at gawab.com
Wed Sep 7 12:46:41 CEST 2011

hi there,

I have some problem with Gyachi. I recently moved from Ubuntu to Opensuse
and I am really glad to be here - there is only one remaining problem namely
Gyachi. There is no repository to download from and I tried for myself to
compile it but got stuck.

So I saw that the main problem is the gtkhtml dependency which can't be
resolved, but the recent Gyachi version 1.2.11 released 3rd of September
provides to build it with webkitgtk. Maybe this could resolve the problem
and you can build the package :-)

Here is what I read in the readme:

2011-09-03 (V1-2-11) Misc updates. webkitgtk, libnotify
 * - A bit of freshening here. * - Yahoo page now supports either gtkhtml2
or webkit. * As gtkhtml2 is depricated, and some distros are dropping *
gtkhtml2, *use webkitgtk instead*. NOTE: while webkit is * nice, and fancy,
and more powerful than gtkhtml, do not * confuse it for a browser
replacement. The usage in GyachI * is intended purely for the "about",
"help", and a few other * features. It is a KNOWN PROBLEM that using webkit
for browsing * *WILL* occassionally freeze up GyachI. * - Support added for
newer libnotify
* - Captcha support fixed.

It would be very nice to build this because I really need it. Can you build
it for Opensuse 11.4 too? Hope to hear from you soon.



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