[packman] Devede does not start up

Willem Franssen willemfranssen at planet.nl
Mon Nov 28 11:03:03 CET 2011

Dear Packman-team,

Devede 3.17, 3.18 and the latest version 3.19.0-1.1 does not start up.
DeVeDe 3.19.0
Locale: nl_NL.UTF-8
Using package-installed files
Cores: 1
Entro en fonts
Salgo de fonts
Temp Directory is:  /var/tmp
home load:  /root/.devede
Creating window /usr/share/devede/wdisk_type.ui
Traceback (most recent call last):
   File "/usr/bin/devede", line 389, in <module>
glib.GError: /usr/share/devede/use_ffmpeg.ui: required gtk+ version 
2.24, current version is 2.22

I have searched everywhere for gtk version 2.24, but that is not available.

Kind regards,
Willem Franssen

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