[packman] Kdenlive 0.8.2-2-2x86_64

Otto Hase ohase at synergyom.com.au
Sun Nov 20 03:25:35 CET 2011


Not sure if I should report this to you or the guys from Kdenlive.

Today 20th Nov 2011 the latest update of kdenlive was installed on Suse 12.1, 
new install (not upgraded) So all the latest SW/libs are available.(hardware 
is about 1 year old)

After rendering the msg comes up  ....aborted, resulting video will probably 
be corrupt.
...plus crash report..see attachments.

Kdenlive itself does not crash

The resulting video clips are playabble with kaffeine, VLC and smplayer.

I tested this with rendering with MP4, XVid4 (.avi) and H264....with all the 
same crash report.

This happend since the version from kdenlive came out about 2-3 weeks ago 
under 11.4.  A bug report relating to this was lauchned (by someone) within 
kdenlive and 
apperantly fixed 15/11/2011.  So I was hoping with todays update everthing 
would ok.

I also noted that there is a newer version under Tumbleweed and Factory, 
however I do not want tumbleweed repros in my production machine

Please let me know if I should also inform the guys from kdenlive.

Thanks and cheers for the good work you have done.....Suse 12.1 rocks !!!


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